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The Sign Formula is where creativity and experience work hand in hand to ensure maximum brand visibility for our customers.


The Artists Behind the Formula

A corporate identity is much more than just a logo. It’s a visual testament to your brand. The Sign Formula believes that this very first impression is the foundation to building long-lasting relationships, bridging the gap between customer loyalty and brand legacy.

Our bespoke services are diverse ranging from fleet, car and outdoor building to digital, custom 3D illuminated and pylon signage. Our value-added services include project management, content creation and printing services.

We take pride in delivering a fully immersive customer experience with the ability to design, manufacture and install bespoke signage solutions that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of the consumer.

With nearly three decades of professional signage experience, The Sign Formula has built a solid reputation around quality workmanship, servicing clients throughout the Auckland District and greater New Zealand.

Our Work in Action

Our Work

Let the work that we do speak for your brand. From start-ups and small-medium enterprises to established corporate brands, The Sign Formula is your signage partner.


Stirling Sports Sylvia Park

Custom fabricated LED illuminated signage for the new Stirling Sports store at Sylvia Park Shopping Centre in Auckland.


Garnet Road Dairy

Total rebrand and refresh of a tired looking V branded dairy into a fresh new H20 branded one. This project includes a full re-paint of the dairy with fresh new fascia and window signage.


Auto Garage Racecar

We used premium films such as Avery Supreme Chrome Silver and Black, Avery Supreme Metallic Silver & Black, and Oracal  Fluorescent red to make it really stand out!


MyRide Country Wide Rebrand

Full project management, manufacture and installation of the MyRide brand rollout throughout New Zealand. Lightboxes, wall graphics, POS signage, 3D illuminated building signage and large format banners were just some of the many solutions we came up with for our client.


Hi-Tech Metals Camaro Wrap

Custom-designed printed and wrapped in-house by our team, including reflective company logos to make it stand out. Wrap printed on Avery MPI1105 film.


Goodyear Waiuku Rebrand

A total rebrand of the store into Goodyear branding, involving a full repaint of the building, and extensive new signage all around including new roadside plinth signage.


Revitalize Gym Signage

200mm thick polystyrene signage with shaped ACM front and back made this simple road sign into an attractive eye-catching point of difference to help our clients business stand out from the rest!


Ermenegildo Zegna

6m long custom fabricated storefront signage on Queen Street, Auckland. Fabricated Aluminium sign case painted black, with 30mm deep LED illuminated letters.


CRC Speedshow Live

At this self-promotion event, we wrapped a Ford F150 live at the CRC Speedshow in Auckland. Over two days we turned a pristine F150 into a rust-covered farm truck by adding a custom digitally printed wrap.


St Pierres Sushi

Shop fit-out signage for various St Pierre’s stores throughout Auckland, including illuminated signage and some custom bespoke signage for their new concept store in Newmarket.


Mainstream Building Signage

Large router-cut ACM letters all custom-painted in our clients corporate yellow and installed by our own installers in a day.


Turners AND Growers Countrywide Rebrand

A nationwide re-branding exercise for T&G from project management to manufacture to installation, we handled the process from start to finish.


Komatsu Building Signage

200mm thick polystyrene letters fully painted in blue and installed onto the building by our skilled technicians. A solid, bold sign for a solid company.


GoGo Mexico Shop Signage

Custom designed rustic Mexican theme – our client wanted neon signage but it was out of their budget so we did the next best thing – printed neon!


Kent Street 3D Directory

10mm laser-cut solid Aluminium letters, powder-coated in black and installed using pins and glue. A smart addition to any building foyer!


Swanndri Shop Fitout

A combination of 3D illuminated and non-illuminated signage for this new store fitout, including a brass inlay into the tiled floor.

The Sign Formula is Your Signage Partner.

The Sign Formula - Our Services


What We Can Do for You

The Sign Formula creates memorable brand experiences through professional signage solutions. From fleet and vehicle branding to corporate and digital landscapes, our team of experienced designers and artisans are able to craft, manufacture and install signage in any shape or form.

The Sign Formula - Portfolio

fleet and car branding

  • Customised vehicle branding
  • Branded fleet signage
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Ute Signage
  • Boat signage
  • Transit advertising
  • Truck signage
The Sign Formula - Services

wall murals and display signage

  • Large format digital printing
  • Customised wall prints
  • Branded display units
  • Point of sale branding

imaginative graphic design

  • Corporate identity brand design
  • Corporate stationery design
  • Marketing collateral design
  • Digital design
  • Printing services
The Sign Formula - Services

digital signage solutions

  • Digital display units
  • Retail signage
  • Digital menu boards
  • Interactive display screens
  • Digital point of sale units
The Sign Formula - Services
The Sign Formula - Services

Corporate building and pylon signage

  • Customised 3D illuminated signage
  • Pylon road signs
  • ACM signs
  • Building signage
  • Interior signage
  • Billboard signage
  • Plinth signage
The Sign Formula - Services

industrial and safety signage

  • H&S signage
  • Industrial labels and signage
  • Safety signage
  • Compliance signage
  • Wayfinding signage
  • Road signage

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